Leadership & Executive Coaching

With personalized executive coaching, our 1:1 sessions will help you develop and leverage your unique leadership skills, enhance your executive presence, and align more powerfully with organizational objectives. Beginning with a series of validated assessments, together we’ll explore how you habitually think and behave and discover how this impacts your current level of leadership effectiveness.

What Type of Executive Coaching Interests You?

  • Executive Presence
  • Effective Communication
  • Change Management
  • Navigating Workplace Dynamics
  • Conflict Resolution

  • Influence
  • Employee Engagement
  • Leading Teams
  • Organizational and Leadership Development
  • Creating a High-Performing Organization

“You can create possibilities from your circumstances rather than being limited by them.” – Diane Hopkins

A Customized Executive Coaching Plan

Throughout our journey together, we’ll create a customized coaching plan that fits your unique needs. While no two plans are alike, below are some examples of the curriculum that will be included in our sessions together.

Executive Presence

  • Identify your unique strengths and the underlying beliefs and motivations that serve you.
  • Discuss the beliefs and actions that limit your effectiveness.
  • Develop a clear understanding of your purpose and vision as a leader.
  • Identify which leadership qualities align with your values and beliefs and which qualities define your leadership style.

Leadership Methods

  • Create the changes you want by understanding how to choose new actions and how to effectively utilize feedback from your team and environment.
  • Analyze the role trust plays in leadership and learn how you can nurture trusting teams.
  • Learn how to sustain the organizational changes you make.
  • Elevate your approach to managing tasks and goals.


  • Set and define realistic and healthy expectations for you and your teams.
  • Shift your perception of power by seeing it as a positive and constructive force connected to strength and confidence.
  • Discuss leading with compassion and self-acceptance.
  • Uncover and challenge your negative beliefs about conflict.

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